Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Recipe Review: Chicken and Chorizo with Beans and Yellow Rice

We just finished up with our tasty dinner of the chicken and chorizo recipe.

I just must say this first......WOW!

I was very impressed with this dish. It's not often that I find a dish that satisfies everything I look for in a week night recipe: delicious, cheap, fast, and healthy. This one did!

That definitely makes it a keeper in this house.

I'm already thinking of the versatility this dish offers. The leftovers from tonight will be great either as we ate them tonight, or thrown into a tortilla and topped with cheese. I really think it would do well in the freezer too, so next time I plan on making a double batch to put some in the freezer for the Mr. when I'm gone sometime.

I usually plan a little extra time when I'm trying a new recipe, but tonight, this actually resulted in me having dinner ready 15 minutes before John even got home! It's that easy.

First I cooked the chorizo. I used the kind that feels like ground meat--not sausage in casings--so I wasn't able to get it into "cubes" like the recipe said, but I actually preferred having it in smaller chunks so it permeated the dish better. I also wanted to taste the chorizo more, and I didn't quite have a pound of chicken, so I increased the chorizo from 2 ounces to 6 ounces. I think next time I'll do 4, because it was a bit too spicy, but the extra flavor was amazing.

I started the rice cooking on another burner. Then I browned the chicken, chopping the tomatoes while it cooked. Added water, tomatoes, chorizo, salt and pepper, and let it cook down, then added the black beans. I used beans that I had soaked, cooked, and frozen previously, instead of a can.

And that was that.

I had a meal....even though I felt like I hadn't done much yet!

John and I agreed that the taste was very complex and flavorful--amazing since it has so few ingredients, but had a certain authenticity and rusticness.

Also, this was the first time I tried chorizo, I really loved it, and am excited to try more recipes with it!

I'm thinking with the remainder of this pound (since I only used 6 ounces), I will cook it up and use it for breakfast burritos! Idea courtesy of my sister, who cooks a lot with chorizo because of her Mexican hubby. :)

Hurrah for finding new tasty things to cook and experimenting with new meats!

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