Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12-18

Last week when I went grocery shopping, I was happily surprised to find some great meat sales I had missed when looking through the ads! Pork tenderloins for $2.99/lb, boneless skinless chicken thighs for $1.19/lb, prosciutto (don't remember the sale, but it was good), and pre-marinated frozen tilapia and mahi-mahi for $3.50 per box (2 servings). Needless to say, I filled my freezer and am excited to be adding some variety to my menus in the next month or so. I'm still sticking to my standard chicken breasts for the bulk of meals so that I don't run out of the others too quickly.

Also, I usually love having a great variety in my vegetable dishes. We are borderline fanatical about our veggies. :) But as far are produce is concerned, it's still to close to winter, which means quality is down and prices are up. This is my excuse for why we've been having boring salads multiple times a week.

  • Papa Murphy's pizza. John has been/is bombarded with stress right now, so he wanted some comfort food; enter the Chicken Bacon Stuffed pizza with a free cookie dough coupon! Now we have leftovers for lunch all this week. :)
  • Chicken and Rice soup . I put lots of extra veggies in it so that it can be a one-dish meal and I don't have to worry about salad and all that jazz.
  • fresh bread in the bread machine.
  • Carnitas . My sister makes carnitas a lot, and she recommended this crock pot version. As suggested, I will be almost doubling all the spices in order to hype up the flavor. This will be my first time making carnitas, so I'm not sure exacting how they should be served, except for on corn tortillas.
  • steamed green beans with bacon bits
  • Chicken Enchiladas . I've made many enchilada recipes in the past few years, and this one is definitely my favorite. Although that could be that I've just forgotten some of the other winners. I suppose we'll never know, unless I come across them again and post them here. But either way, these are phenomenal.
  • green salad
  • left-overs! I usually make muffins or omlettes for brunch, then we have left-overs the rest of the day.
  • Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca . Second new recipe for the week. I haven't gotten a chance to try this one previously, because prosciutto is so incredibly expensive usually. I was so happy to find it on sale, since that meant I can now try some of these recipes!
  • Angel hair pasta, with butter and lemon juice. This will be as a bed for the chicken
  • salad

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